Arctic Clam is a Toledo based rock cover band comprised of long time musicians Nicole Khoury, Mick Mason, Steve Knurek, and Scott Hayes

“Quintessential  rock , thrown in a shaker with high octane soul,a splash of one hit wonders, and whipped into an audiolicious monster that will blow your mind.”

–J. McHugh (Chicago, Illinois)


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  1. kim kohl says:

    love this band!!

  2. Andrea Stengel says:

    Haven’t been able to see you yet but looking forward to it. soon.

  3. Bstrick08 says:

    My friends and I always go see Artic Clam when they play at the Distillery! This band is so awesome!!!! Besides all the band members being incredibly gifted, they are all really nice too!

    Definantly a must see in Toledo.

  4. This is really the fourth blog post, of
    your blog I personally checked out. And yet I personally enjoy this particular 1, “Arctic Clam” the
    best. All the best ,Fanny

  5. Kurt Bischoff says:

    My new friends. I enjoyed the show and my time in the spotlight. thank you for a memorable St. Patrick;s night It was serendipitous that I wore the Clam shirt. Enjoy it, that was the first time it has been worn and is brand new (no stank on it). I can get another. I was impressed to find out that Nicole is a barrister. Kurt the Chemist.

  6. Umberto says:

    Hi guys,
    I really enjoyed the show last night at “Ye Olde Cock’n Bull”, and I hope to listen your music again here in Toledo!
    During the time I’ll stay at home in Italy, I will enjoy your songs on the website!
    You are all very good artists!
    Thank you

  7. Trig Simon says:

    Saw you at St. Jerome Friday night. You guys really rock.
    Was the ‘old’ bald guy taping you with my android.

    Are you interested in a video for your website. With your showmanship, this could really help you get more for your gigs.

    I will put something together with the footage I have as a teaser, then you can tell me if you are interested.

    Thank you,
    Trig Simon
    Video Images by Trig
    832 Main St
    Toledo OH 43605

  8. Michelle Felice ( Ferich ) says:

    This band totally rocks!!! One of the best live cover bands that I have seen perform!
    Great group of people…..let me sit in on the drums and play Sweet Home Alabama!
    Totally energetic and well worth seeing!!!! ( Seen them at the Roundhouse in Put in Bay
    on Friday September 6th and Saturday September 7th 2013 )

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